About us

We thing big! For years, our passion and dedication to sustainable farming has guided and inspired us to produce the best organic, fresh & nutritious milk for families all over the United Kingdom, turning us into one of the largest producers.

But we wanted more. We want families all over the world to enjoy our milk.

From our family to yours. Healthy milk. Confident kids.


Organic Milk

Our milk comes from cows that are fed on grassland that is free from pesticides, herbicides, and fertilisers. Our milk contains no antibiotics, hormones or GMO. It’s simply fresh, natural clean organic milk with a higher level of nutrients than regular milk

Together with our farms, united by OMSCo, the largest farmer-owned cooperative in the UK we keep our cows happy and healthy. Ensuring you get nothing but the best. Read more about organic milk in the UK here

Our  Farms

We share a passion that has been lasting for generations. Freshmill’s farmers feel the urge to differentiate themselves from other dairies and all share the respect and love towards people, the nature, animals and dairy products. Our traditional family-owned farms have invested in modern facilities to meet the highest hygiene standards without compromising the wellbeing of the animals. Our process is completely transparant: we can trace our milk back to the exact farm it came from.

Our land

Welcome to the Somerset – the vast West Country fenland that stretches across 160,000 acres of waterlogged countryside. With its rolling hills, endless green spaces, charming coastline and more, Somerset is the best home cows can get. They roam the pastures almost year-round, and the mild climate provides them a consistent quality of fresh and clean feed: lush grass, clover and herbs. 100% clean and pure.

For decade the dairy farms around Somerset have been providing small villages and cities with milk and other dairy products. Now, we are ready to bring this milk to consumer all over the world.




From our family to yours.

Single Pasteurised Fresh Organic Milk

After arrival from the farm, our milk is briefly treated by gently heating it to a temperature of 72 degrees Celsius. This process is called pasteurisation and is used by dairies all over the world, from Australia to the United Kingdom. We only pasteurise the milk once, and never longer then needed to keep all the nutrients and flavours in the milk.

Revolutionary Cold Filtration

Normal fresh milk is pasteurised, and has a vert short shelf life. We use the revolutionary cold filtration technology of  BevCorp, to extend the shelf life with zero impact on taste or nutritional value. This allows us to allows us to deliver the same 100% fresh and nutritious milk safely to consumers around the globe. The filtered healthy milk goes through an extra fine filtration process to remove bacteria. No nutrients are lost in this process.

Extra clean packaging

After the pasteurisation and filtration the milk is packed in Tetra Pak, using the latest technologies in packaging material. This multi-layer packaging protects the milk, and retains the freshness until it’s in your fridge, ready to enjoy

All this happens at Framptons in Shepton Mallet, right in the heart of the dairy farms in the Southwest of England. Framptons is  family-owned and has more more than 100 years experience in packing a range of liquids foods and drinks including fresh fruit juice, smoothies, milk, and milk shakes. Every week they pack over 1.5 million liter of fresh beverages.

BevCorp and Framptons have joined forces the help us in bringing the best organic milk there is. From our family to yours.

Temperature Controlled Shipment

After stringent quality checks on 25 points, we load our milk into reefer containers. Once loaded, we keep the milk under 5 degrees celsius, to ensure freshness all the way until the consumer. We remotely monitor the temperature, and every step of the supply chain is controlled and checked to ensure great tasting milk of the highest quality.

This combination results in Freshmill being the only producer in the world to be able to ship fresh milk by sea, whilst maintaining the same area flavour and nutrients as fresh milk. Our filtered milk is exactly the same as fresh milk sold in the UK, and we never cheat using extra heat, freezing, additives, milk powder or UHT. Oh, and did we mention it’s free of pesticides, hormones and preservatives?