About us

Our healthy milk is sourced from Organic farms in the United Kingdom. The farms are world renowned for its quality of the milk. The cows roam freely in the British lush countryside and enjoy a healthy diet of natural feed. Above all, Certified Organic is bringing nothing but the best from cow to consumer.

Organic United Kingdom

Our cows graze outdoors on the UK Organic and naturally grown lush meadows throughout the year. Freshmill is produced without the use of pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers and with high standards of animal welfare. The clear skies, fresh mornings and lot’s of space for the cows to graze, make the UK the best place to produce nutritious, organic milk. Most importantly, all OMSco farmers are just as dedicated and committed to animal welfare and sustainable farming.

Our organic farm

We share a passion that has been lasting for generations. Freshmill’s farmers feel the urge to differentiate themselves from other dairies and all share the respect and love towards people, the nature, animals and dairy products. As a result, Freshmill’s healthy milk is so fresh that it’s delivered the same day from the farm to our factory, where it gets pasteurised, making it safe to drink.

Healthy milk from the Countryside of Somerset

Welcome to the Somerset – the vast West Country fenland that stretches across 160,000 acres of waterlogged countryside. For instance, decades already, the dairy farms around Somerset, provides small villages and cities with milk and other dairy products. However, with its rolling hills, endless green spaces, charming coastline and more, Somerset is the best place for our cows homes.

From our UK farm to your fridge!

Single Pasteurised whole milk

Single Pasteurised from Framptons Ltd, who has more than 40 years experience in manufacturing and specialize in packing a range of Organic liquid foods and beverages, including fruit juice, smoothies, milks, dairy alternatives, milkshakes, still soft drinks, iced coffee and ice cream mixes.

Revolutionary Cold Filtration

We use the Revolutionary Cold Filtration Technology by BevCorp, that allows us to deliver the same 100% fresh and nutritious milk safely to consumers around the globe. The filtered healthy milk goes through an extra, fine filtration process to remove souring bacteria. No nutrients are lost in our process.

Tetra Pak technology

Package by Tetra Pak, who is one of the largest package giant that develops a range of packages to protect both the nutritional value and the taste of the products. Thanks to Tetra Pak technology, the packaging and distribution of Freshmill Organic Fresh milk to the consumer has been greatly facilitated.​ The milk is packed in special carton, which extend shelf life up to 45 days.

Temperature monitored shipping

Freshmill is shipped by standard reefer container under 5° C cold monitoring all the way to ensure the freshness and great taste from our UK farm to your fridge. Unlike UHT milk, have been heated to high temperatures to eliminate any bacteria, therefore no need for cold shipping, but spoiling the taste in the process. Our filtered milk retains all the rich taste and goodness. Keep your fresh milk in the fridge and enjoy it until the last drop!